NEVER HAVE I EVER GAME Ft. Bryce Hall, Josh Richards & Quinton Griggs

In this video me Bryce hall josh Richards and Quinton Griggs plan a game on never have I ever! Watch the whole video to see some hilarious answers! Comment below some new ones for part 2

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  • Make a who’s most likely to and put Bryce Josh and Jaden in it together and you of course it would be so funny

  • HAHAHAHAHHAHA literally every comment is about quinton I shit u not. I mean I don't blame no one he's beautiful. like are u shitting me.

  • I'm literally only watching cause I saw his face somewhere and searched his name up. He's beautiful. Y'all know who I'm talking bout'.

  • I feel bad for Quiton when he talk no one listen toignore him

  • Quinton was so innocent compared to the rest of the boys

  • never have i ever

  • MaNuMaNu

    Author Reply

    quinton is so cute i love him ❤️

  • Quinton🥺🥺🥺

  • Quinton is so Innocent and cute🤩😊🥰

  • My eyes 👀 is only on Quinton 🥺💕

  • Bryce at 6:07😂

  • Never

  • Ooh here's a suggestion!: never have I ever poured mayonnaise down a slip n slide and called it "the miracle whip n slide"

  • quinton is so cute and innocent, its adorable 🥺

  • Quinton is so innocent

  • "theres' not much bryce hasn't did" wow the grammer

  • Please do a part 2!!!

  • Love then together! Btw, does anyone know if this is the tshirt Bryce was wearing few week ago at Sway? I need it!

  • I have never hade a bang

  • Quinton is so shy and cute I love him 😍❤️