Next Dragon Ball Z Game 2015/2016- Bandai Namco License Ending! + New Gaming Producers? & More!

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  • Platinum's voice crack was legendary

  • Atari made the best games, and Raging Blast is just Namco Bandai trying to replicate the Budokai Tenkaichi series, although Namco did do a good job, with putting in what if series.

  • Xenoverse fucking suck with that plastick ssj crapy ass game worth game too spend 50$ on our 20$

  • Look ima put it this way they better hurry up with ending the license n start bring bak 2d games like they did back In 2008 its ridiculous how they make games now its like a whole new generation of ultimate battle 22 and finalbout ridiculous if we had a burat limit 2 the gamestop store everybody would be in line getting tht game because tht was a good franchise idk why they stopped but tht really pissed me off like i hope this new dbz was gonna be 😞

  • they are its coming out the end of 2015 or begining of 2016 its called dragon ball raging blast 3 no not that fan one its going to use figures like disney infinty or skylanders i know this beacuse one of my freinds works at activision who is developing the figures/in game models.

  • In the ps2 days Atari licensed DBZ

  • Platinum sucks. He should go in a corner and cry.

  • Which platform do you plan on purchasing Dragon Ball Xenoverse for?