Playdead's Inside Full Walkthrough (Makers of LIMBO) 1080p HD

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We were going to attempt and do a game movie for this wonderful game, but it just doesn’t work. There is a mysterious and enthralling story here, but it’s not told a traditional/cinematic way. Playdead gives us vague and intriguing clues about what’s really going on here, but making a game movie for this game wouldn’t have worked in my opinion.

Nevertheless, this is a brilliant game and so we decided to post a full walkthrough instead, for those of you interested in seeing how the game plays. I tried to edit out all my deaths and just leave a clean full playthrough.

Inside is Playdead’s second game following their critically acclaimed debut, LIMBO. Inside has been getting reve reviews from critics, with some even giving it perfect score and calling it a masterpiece. I think it’s hard to gauge scores for games like these. How do you compare this to a game like “The Witcher 3” or “Uncharted 4.” For a 2D puzzle platformer, this is about as good as it gets. If you were to ask me how I would rate this game in THIS genre, I would say it’s easily a 9, and would probably end up a 9.5 if I were to seriously sit down and consider a score. But if I were to score it in comparison to all other games I’d give it an 8 to 8.5. Still great, but not in the top tier. Not a masterpiece, at least in my opinion.

The visuals are breathtaking. The game has a sort of magic to it that simultaneously makes if feel like fantasy and reality. The subtle soundtrack hits at all the right moments. They have an uncanny knack of sneaking in the original score and really enhancing certain sections in the game.

The main crust of the gameplay, the puzzles, are stellar. They kept surprising me in their complexity, especially considering that there are only two action buttons: jump and grab. Much like LIMBO, the only real thing that bothered me was the overall conclusion to the “story.” I wish they would provide more closure to their games. Let me know what you guys think of the game!

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  • That part at 1:28:35 when he shot up to the water and those bodies were hanging freaked me out.

  • 1:08:32 is the reason I had to look up this video. That one threw me for a loop

  • I played This before I just can’t get past the Dogs or something

  • I found it to be similar to Little Nightmares.They are both amazing games🖤

  • Idk what’s more fucked up… this game or the creators who made this game.


  • G. G.G. G.

    Author Reply

    Thats it??? Thats the end????? What a waste of my money

  • I parents won’t let me get the full game

  • I played the demo

  • Ha ha hell yes

  • At 45:01 if you go down there is a box you can move and it leads you to an easter egg!!!!!!

  • If u wonder why is the ending weird it is because there is a part 2 on AppStore it is new …

    Nah just kidding it’s the real end 😂

  • okay but did the producers of stranger things play this game and get inspired to film season 3 ? bc it’s literally the same exact thing 😵😵🤯


    Author Reply

    1:24:12 down 👇🏻

  • 4:12

  • Child finished the game as corona

  • Good game

  • Ew whats that long hair creature?

  • I got stuck on the dog part

  • 9:08 doesnt work for meeeehhh😩😂✌🏼

  • this helped a lot thank you very much. i’m going to follow you now❤️

  • This game is a masterpiece of the highest kind. Damn thing has been on my mind for days now and I still can't make sense of it. But it fascinates me. Damnit. I want to much to understand it. But the more I try the more confusing it becomes. I think it is ambiguous on purpose.

  • 37:39

  • What the ends mean?

  • Since PlayDead has not released a summary of this game, it is left up to you and I to interpret. I can explain and discuss about this game all day if I wanted to. This comment interpretation is targeted to the long-haired creatures that we see in the depths.

    I believe those long haired 'creatures' are really android boy(s) we have controlled the entire game. As you venture through out the game, do you notice that you go down a few stories and/or stages? The scientists had performed multiple experiments as you see at 1:21:58, but it has been abandoned and now [you] and the boy traveling deeper into this underground building. I feel they were trying to perfect how to get this 'android/boy' to have the same ability as your sea creatures: to be able to breathe underwater. Once they [the scientists] completed their mission, they abandoned the boy in the depths for who knows how long. Therefore, his hair growing longer to impersonate a different gender.

    As [you] control the boy, when you mess up a puzzle and have to start over . . . I think this method is similar to how the scientists brings in a new boy to get complete their agenda. Just like whenever you are testing something in science class, you have to keep trying different methods until you have perfected it.