NEW Minecraft Nintendo 3DS Edition GAMEPLAY!!! Today, I have a full review of Minecraft 3DS Edition as well as my opinions if you should buy Minecraft 3ds. The new Minecraft 3DS game is released but only is compatible with the new Nintendo 3ds series! This video I go on a walkthrough of the new Minecraft 3DS version and show the seeds, creative mode, survival mode, the skins packs available as well as talk about the Minecraft 3DS servers and what to come in a future Minecraft 3DS Edition update!

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What is Minecraft 3DS Edition? Minecraft Nintendo 3DS Edition is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

Only playable on the New Nintendo 3DS series.

Explore randomly‐generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.

Create and explore your very own world where the only limit is what you can imagine.
Includes five skin packs and two texture packs to customize your gameplay!
Use the touch screen to check your map or manage your inventory!

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  • Here are the portable Minecraft’s ranked worst to best in my opinion
    Nintendo Switch
    Pocket addition
    PS Vita

  • Hey you forgot to say use the c – stick to turn your head around

  • Really cool honestly. being a 2DS owner with all my brothers playing the games i've always wanted to play it on my DS and now i can

  • This dude is comparing it to PE when it's a Console port not PE

  • Who is watching this who is a master at Minecraft?

  • My man spent half the video not even doing anything in the game

  • Leafy playing minecraft on the 3ds?????

  • I have that game on my 3ds lol

  • Are you still playing it because I am a. Kid playing it on the 3ds because I don't see any other servers so if you are playing it on the 3ds please tell me because I don't feel safe I feel that is Momo is playing it like I am 8 years old so please tell me your playing it

  • Who recommends this game for me to buy

  • This is suck a bad video it deos nit take 5 minutes to play the game

  • To do: pocket edition

  • I have a 3ds to

  • Gameplay starts in 5:12

  • I'm actualy glad there's no 3D feature because I have a 2DS so if there was 3d i would want a 3ds for the 3d feature and wast alot of money :/

  • Soo… I still cant figure out how to eat.

  • Can this be played on the original and the new 3ds or it needs to be xl?

  • RiriiRirii

    Author Reply

    How do you place items? I got this game for my 7 year old and he can't place the blocks. They float and when he walks next to them it picks the blocks up.


    Author Reply

    Can I crossplay between new 3ds and ios??? PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP… Btw if it did HOW??

  • we have the same ds
    we have the same ds

  • This is how Wii U edition should been too

  • Is playable with a 2ds?

  • one problem i have an iphone and you can install addons in the 3ds version you cant you have to hack illegally dont buy this version for 30 or 40 dollars download the ios version only for 6 dollar.

  • 5:34 for actual gameplay

  • Do you mind if I join your world?

  • I know this is an old video but how do you fly

  • Shit

  • This is awesome since now I get to know what it looks like! I’m getting a DS and Minecraft for Christmas! Really excited. 🙂

  • Do you know if it still gets updated or not