Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Delta Episode Walkthrough – Part 1: Zinnia at Granite Cave!

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We begin the after-game in this episode of the Pokémon Omega ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as we play through the first part of the Delta Episode blind, we meet Zinnia in Littleroot Town, obtain a Johto starter Pokémon, fly to Petalburg City and Rustboro City to meet the president of the Devon Corporation and then to Dewford Town to ehad to the Granite Cave to fight Zinnia!



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  • i dont see it

  • started playing the post game like months ago but then took a break from pokemon and i dont remeber what i did nor where i have to go. so here i am u.u

  • Who else is here because they got lost?

  • I’m confused…delta

  • Wait I don't know why but it didn't let me even start the delta episode

  • Same Cyndaquil is my favorite Pokémon overall

  • J MinJ Min

    Author Reply

    Nice tutorial.

  • I am starting to think all starter pokemon have the same catch rate as eevee
    Which has a 5.9% catch rate

  • Can someone help me? When I went to Granite Cave and fought Zinnia, I just barely lost. I was sent to the nearest Pokémon Center, and when I went back to Granite Cave, Zinnia was no longer there. I talked to Steven's father again, but he didn't give me any answers. I'm really confused and stuck, so please help if you can.

  • you get a like because i agree with the shipping of the characters.

  • cyndaquil let's go

  • My team is grout on the laser can swamp bird latter task Gladiolos and Deez nuts

  • you had a pretty good team at end game. Mine was Blaziken, Latios, Milotic, Cradily, Tornadus Therian, and Mega Banette.

  • I'm replaying Omega Ruby rn, thanks allot, i totally forgot the first half of this episode

  • For some reason it didn't let me pick a starter

  • I didn't get a johto starter?

  • 😓 Hey could someone plz help me, when I left the house like he did at the start of the video, the professer wasn't in need of any help or being chased by a shroomish or anything (AND I REALLY WANT A CYNDAQUIL!) does anyone know what I'm supposed to do ?

  • LiamLiam

    Author Reply

    i dont get any of the delta episode stuff apart from the starter

  • For anyone wondering the mirage spots with legendaries appear after certain criteria are met (i.e. Three Pokemon fully ev trained/three Pokemon with full affection) and a random one appears every day with item and a couple rare but not legendary Pokemon

  • Guess what my friend is gonna give me kyogre for mudkip then I can get groudon I'm not trying to brag

  • three of her pokemon

  • lol i just beat two of her more leveled pokemon with my only pokemon thats under level

  • omg u got a new sub i was little omg how to i do this then i say this video

  • What the hell the prof didn't give me a starter

  • i think zinnia is just a random team magma grunt who gave up team magma after the results of the main game and i would quit my team magma job if a ten year old coaght the legendary pokemon thaty was part of your grand plan 😀 LOL

  • I went there at that kids house but no one is there, do I need to do something to trigger that scene? I already beat the game and I talked to that girl

  • mom wouldn't give me the coin ;-;

  • how do I start this? I beat the champion but I don't understand

  • wait… if you become the champion when you beat Steven, then how come when you go to battle it again, he's still there :O

  • wait nvm. I thought I missed out since I left Littleroot

  • I missed out since I didn't know you could get the Johto starters 🙁

  • Not trying to be mean but your Pokemon are low level

  • You helped me on getting RAYQUAZA

  • Mudkips my starter😑 but totodiles my fav water pokemon

  • I finished the game and I didn't get one

  • PDW can u friend me on the DS now?

  • Ideals? Truths? Unova confirmed

  • Loved this video! It helped a lot and it's cool how you have your walkthrough a set up

  • TLK95TLK95

    Author Reply

    guys gota question, my friend got pokémon X and i got Alpha Saphire, can we still play 2vs2 ?

  • I went to devion copiration but Steven not there help I did everything else help!!!

  • Game theory's episode about this is really good I recommend you all
    It out

  • AHhhhh I dont know what to choose. I am thinking Of cyndaquil cause of his Defense and his attack. But im also thinking ofTododile cause of his speed and his attack rate and the defense.

  • Chikoritas my favorite Ive always chosen her after seeing that no one chose her. It's always got to be that cyndaquill give her a chance at least people!

  • if you didnt get the cutscreen with the starters you need to talk to your friend in the house to the side of you then go back and talk to your mum then it should trigger

  • Thanks I was stuck for the longest time

  • Heads up most of the red dots wont be legendary pokemon spots. Also theres alot of requirements to unlock certain ones.