Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – "Mind blowing post-game event"

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Today I’m discussing the “post-game event that will blow our minds” that was supposedly said by a Game Freak employee at PAX, however, I’ll be discussing the post-game in general and what we can expect in the after-game! No details have been officially revealed yet, so this is 100% speculation and nothing I speak about today should be taken as fact, and the things I do speculate on are very unlikely to happen. I personally don’t think we will visit another region, or visit outer-space via the Mosdeep space centre to obtain the mega stones for Jirachi and Deoxys, but it’s fun to speculate, right?

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  • The dark clouds are tornados portal

  • Delta Episode

  • mind blowing indeed delta episode

  • The black cloud is where you catch thundurus or tornadus depending on which game you have

  • its the looker event

  • Awesome

  • bobbob

    Author Reply

    jm from the future! beedrill gets a mega and glalie gets a mega but butterfree and froslass doesn't! 😠

  • So much for mind blowing. The delta episode was just flying from places to places that you've already been to.

  • How old are you?

  • Oh,you meant the delta episode and oh,just realized this video was uploaded 2 years ago during the OR/AS hype train so yeah, im dumb

  • Mega man 3!!!

  • Peeps, Omg drug This work actually looks badastwake B^D

  • He said thunderous cloud…. Thunderous….

  • JG RJG R

    Author Reply

    "preparing for the Competitive gaming" is a good reason for Battle Frontier, isn't it?

  • It still doesn't make sense to me why we could catch a legendary from every region, but we still didn't get jirachi who IS FROM HOENN

  • I'm from the future and its legit

  • I need a hoopa ;(

  • maybe Delta Esmerald O:

  • You get Rayquaza and Deoxys, your welcome

  • they should have a great mega evolution

  • Txt BTxt B

    Author Reply

    Who the fuck name their Infernape bubbles!?

  • Dark cloud is thunduras landuras and tornadus

  • i wish they set it up so u bring something special frome the aqua hideout to the white rock and jarachi appears and in ruby i get deoxys frome space or somethiing like that

  • I did the event check the gifts you get on the bottom screen you will get eon ticket go to fouth gym talk to your dad hel take you to south island catch the eon pokemon you haven't caught and boom done

  • Sinnoh remake?

  • LOL Looking back on this makes me die.

  • dude you can obtain cindaquil totodile and chickoreta (cant spell there names right) just complete the game 4-5 times and you get starters from other reagins (again cant spell) but you cannot obtain charmander squertal and the other one (i gave up trying to spell there names)

  • It is Thunderous tornadus and landerous.

  • Um their would be like a 0 chance of deoxys getting a mega they'd have to give it to all forms

  • the post gameevent is delta episode im not going to bother spoiler alert

  • i think deoxys will occour

  • add me fc is 3926-6063-4885 ign Maney

  • accepet my friend request

  • The post-game event is the Delta side-quest, right?

  • I thing that Deoxes will resev a mega and also dracy

  • hakers got this now ten  befor us

  • Wait how do you get jarchi??

  • Its jirachi deoxis never

  • Delta episode is post game adventure then, afterwards, nothing… besides mabe every regions' legendaries, minus Kanto's, are available for capture.

  • we get delta episode