Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Walkthrough (After Game) – Part 1: TORNADUS & LANDORUS

In this episode of my Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Walkthrough we take to the skies and catch ourselves Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. In addition to that we receive one of the Johto starts, Cyndaquil Totodile or Chikorita. You need Castform in your party to unlock the dark thing in the sky.

Game: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Console: 3DS


Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Playlist:




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  • Literally all my pokemon have the mild nature bc i kept my gardevoir/kirlia/ralts in the front of my team the time and it had synchronize so yeah the inly pokemon that has a differnt nature is my blaziken with the timid nature and my chikorita with the bold nature

  • i got groundon in a preimer ball

  • hoopas a genie

  • The thunderous you got was his alternate form, not the normal form

  • Wait does this mean I can beat the game mutiple times and GET ALL THE STARTES MUAH HAHAHHAHA

  • When I was catching thunderous I threw over 20 ultra balls, I ran out so I threw a poke ball, and caught him fml

  • do u have to beat the game 3 times to get the new starter pokemon i beatn it once

  • The best one is help me! There’s a wild Pokemon chasing after me! (Gets Pokemon) oh it’s just my wife I thought she was a wild pokemon


  • this Pokemon is so cool! The video was great help 😀

  • Oh my god I just beat the delta episode yesterday and I named my rayquaza the same thing… 🤯

  • For last episode

  • 03:38 when u thought it could not get more awesome now he is naming boxes!!

  • Does anyone have a thundurus they can give me?

  • Literally just caught thunderous took me so many ultra balls

  • I have a few 3Ds's and Ds's

  • U killed me

  • he forgot the unova startes

  • +Jethrotex

  • The third time you beat the league, you get the sinnoh starters on route 101

  • After you beat the league a second time, you get the unova starters on route 101

  • I think you got a shiny

  • y u no use legendaries?

  • The beginning didn't happen in my game. what?

  • i love Pokemon

  • just press y for the eon flute

  • Also I took 78 Ultra Balls to catch Kyurem even he was in the red zone

  • The Landorus theme is the exact same as Coballion, Virizion , and Terrakion.

  • After the gen two Pokemon starters if you went back into your house you could choose from gen 5 starters

  • to have a Tenticool from a youtuber is worth a golden Magicarp XD

  • I cri. Why u no use Ray-Ray. :'(

  • 0:59 – He DID just walk through the wall