Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Walkthrough – Level up fast: Quickest way to get to Level 100!

100 “likes” would be really appreciated for another OR/AS video IMMEDIATELY!

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Smogon’s secret base QR code:
Reddit user’s secret base QR code:

This is a video explaining how you can easily grind up to level 100 within a couple of battles, taking advantage of secret bases and people using their secret bases to contain level 100 Blissey with the move Healing Wish, meaning you essentially don’t even have to do anything!

You’ll want to have the item Lucky Egg, which can be obtained by Pellipper as I explain at the beginning of the video, and you’ll want to do a few things to truly optimize the amount of experience you’ll receive!

If possible, use the Experience Point O-Power, make it so your Pokémon is above the level of which it can evolve to give it a small boost, and if possible if it’s from another country (or even just traded) it will receive a huge boost! I hope you find this helpful, any questions, just ask!



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  • Does it work in emulator?


  • Why do I get 3 lvl 50 blissey?

  • I'm using citra on android, just not able to scan QR codes. There is no camera setting and all screenshots I'm taking of the qr coades are simply not fitting in the screen


    Author Reply

    ik im late but this whole time we were able to fly to routes, just click a route and it works

  • RyanRyan

    Author Reply

    I just grind Audinos on Mirage Island. Works great.

  • Its those not work you are lying

  • hi!
    I tried and I get the come back tomorrow message. I had messed with the clock, but i have set it correctly and two days have passed and I still get the message. any ideas? thanks

  • Why does everyone have a shiny Metagross

  • why did u get 52 thousand exp and i am getting only 20 thousand?

  • same here thanks for the qr codes

  • The first peliper I found with a lucky egg flung it at me!

  • Try to find mine my name is Wyatt

  • No qr codes work for me.

  • IzzyIzzy

    Author Reply

    If you need a Pokemon that has Frisk then get a Shuppet

  • The codes don’t work for me

  • Do you equip exp share?

  • so me wanting to do a nuzlocke, idk if i want to now, this seems op, also 5 years late for me lol

  • Kinda unsure about this! 😐

  • Its been 10 minutes and the only Pelippers I am enountering are pelippers with pretty wing

  • I went to smogons base and it wasn't even there

  • It dosen't work, he just says "come back tomorow" all the time

  • I named every pokemon I have and caught


  • is this QR code still work?

  • or you can use the dex nav and catch the pelliper…

  • EE

    Author Reply

    For everyone who wasn't listening and saying that it says come back tommorrow he even said in the video that you need to wait 1 day before you can fight them I also don't know why

  • TY The first Pelipper I found had one

  • This vid is like 4 years old man I'm late

  • If you're on a legendary hunt, do not, I repeat D O >>>N O T<<< change the clock on your 3DS/2DS. It will freeze your time for a day, meaning you won't be able to get time based pokemon such as the Dog Trio and the Lake Guardians.

  • technically this vid is related to legendary pokemon cuz to get Zekrom/Reshiram it requires a lvl100 pokemon, and im guessing 66% of people here came for that……
    just sayin, love ur vids, PD. :>

  • When i to to the level release is says "Looks like a dubious machine" or something like that anyone know how to unlock it? Thanks

  • I went to the secret base and asked the guy if I could battle him and he said “come back tomorrow” so I came the other day back and it still sais come back tomorrow

  • Once a day? Or once forever?

  • It says breeloom grass but I thought he was grass and fighting?

  • While doing this method I came across a shiny pelipper😂

  • The code didn’t work

  • I have level 71 pikachu

  • Just says code not supported