Ride 3 Review: Best Motorcycle Racer Ever?

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Game played: Ride 3 on Xbox One

About Ride 3 from Milestone:

Feel the adrenaline and experience the most complete racing ever with RIDE 3!

Immerse yourself in a modern 3D environment where you will live side by side with your bike, modifying it mechanically and aesthetically thanks to the new Livery Editor, which will let your dreams run wild. Before starting, don’t forget to customise your rider with the right outfit.

More than 230 bike models available from the very first day, with more than 70 new models never seen before in a RIDE game. 30 different brands, both historic and contemporary, of which 9 are completely new. 7 different categories to satisfy every taste and riding style.

RIDE 3 will be a journey around the globe thanks to its 30 different tracks created from zero and faithfully reproduced via photogrammetry and drone scanning. Hurtle down breathtaking roads all around the world, including GP tracks, Road and Supermoto tracks, enjoy the panoramas of street and country tracks and compete in street and acceleration races.

Choose your favourite bike and make it unique, just like your style. Create your livery from scratch, choose a background colour and an endless amount of 2D shapes, designs and effects. Work on various levels to create infinite compositions and find the aesthetic which works for you. Riding a bike is great. Riding a bike which you’ve created yourself is fantastic. Seeing other riders and players from all over the world racing in your livery is simply the best!

The new career will be a Single Player experience which has never been seen before. Forget the old linear progression: the new Volumes-based system will allow you to collect, read and participate in races and competitions through more than 50 magazines. Each one will catapult you into a unique game experience, made up of competitions and anecdotes about the motorcycling world, which will improve your experience in RIDE 3.

What are you waiting for? Start your adventure with RIDE 3.


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  • Ultimately all bike racing games become boring , why ? Doing laps on a closed circuit does get boring. No fun in that.

  • I just got ride3 for 12$ I'm not really liking it. It had nothing to do with physics or anything like that it just feels like Forza to me I don't like being so disconnected. That's why I play Moto GP games a lot because you feel you're really in a championship with real riders, I hate this Forza style one off races that don't mean anything except earning new bikes. I don't like racing against AI named after other players it's stupid, make up fake names shit I don't care I don't want to be racing against Xflash33554 lol. I want to feel like I'm working towards something not just random races. Cool collection game but other than that it's worthless to me.

  • Br UvBr Uv

    Author Reply

    0:39 no that's pretty much it

  • You have clearly played this game for under a hour. Clearly not enough for a review. U cant hide it.

  • bro i am facing a problem, my problem is language of this game, i downloaded this game yesterday, the language of this game is russian, and i want to change it to english, can anyone plz tell me how can i change language to english. PLZZ 🙁

  • P NP N

    Author Reply

    It's a motorcycle racing simulator. It's for people who care about racing lines and beating lap times on the track or learning tracks and shifting at the right time, playing with suspension, load balance and so on. If you're looking for a casual "need for speed" type game this is not what they made Ride 2 and 3 for. It doesnt need commentators or dialogue, traffic, guns or characters or anything else. I recommend ride 2 though, I found the physics are slightly better.

  • GuyGuy

    Author Reply

    So what is the best motorcycle game?

  • It would be perfect with traffic

  • Rather play Tourist Trophy.

  • Why is there no adventure riding game? 😀

  • WadeWade

    Author Reply

    Yes, it can be a daunting task..I had a drunk driver pull out in front me..End up with 13 fractured bones(6 of which were ribs), major concussion and collapsed lung. The messed up things is that I RARELY went out on public roads in the first place. I had been messing with my bikes tune and wanted to take it out, make sure it was all good before going out to the track that weekend and bam..Drunk driver pulls out and I get destroyed..

  • Wasn't sure til you mentioned the photo mode, im in

  • LOL, the ever-present racing line pretty much invalidates everything you said

  • If they made it open world it would be epic. But its not… So sad 😔

  • ohad.ohad.

    Author Reply

    I just want a motorcycle game with free roaming in a city n shit. Come on.

  • NihalNihal

    Author Reply

    Just add free roaming and this will become the NFS for motorcycle enthusiasts

  • Damn, this video came out on my birthday lel

  • Basically the same as Gran Tourismo…

  • You were actually on point with that last one: you wouldn’t be FREE without the knowledge of knowing that you can die and facing it anyway.

  • Or maybe no one can ride the motorcycle in first person view Or maybe the motorcycle physics has no steering weight whatsoever Once again a complete waste of money and time

  • Game sucks balls, i'll stick with motogp.

  • If this had the 2 player split screen mode and an option on single player quick race that allows you to choose each one of your opponents and how many you want to race against I would give this 9/10 but as it is now the best I can give is 7/10. It’s a real shame because it really is a fantastic game and better than Ride 2. If Milestone could add the above and give all bikes the same attention to sound and detail in future Rides the game would get a much higher score. Milestone are ether lazy or want to get the game out ASAP. Take your time we can wait for it as long as it takes if it’s got the above 😉

  • It's about the last one two. Every real motorcyclist knows every ride could be their last

  • Its a good game,but the graphics are shit …..

  • Ah, for me Tourist Trophy is best ever

  • From early footage it seems the bikes still sound like shit. Which is a shame. Milestone bike games are great, but are always let down by the engine sound effects. Why cant they get it right?

  • Ride or die

  • Great video, but is there splitscreen?

  • Driving with helmet cam is what gives you the feel of speed and the sound of wind blowing when you float in the track..great game