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Egg Locations:

0:55 – Chapter 26: Alone in the Dark
1:27 – Chapter 1: Wrong Way (to the left of the area as soon as you begin the game)
1:32 – Chapter 4: Altitude is Attitude
2:15 – Chapter 19: It’s Stuck
3:42 – Chapter 24: Urban Exploration
4:11 – Chapter 27: Climbing the Cog
4:36 – Chapter 31/ End of 30: Backtracking
5:11 – Chapter 32: Guided by Sparks
5:29 – Chapter 34: Under Ground
5:44 – Chapter 38: Going Up
6:14 – Playing the Secret Area

((Now if I may ask, and for those who have seen just this video first on my channel:

*Please, with due respect, watch my most recent content first before basing your judgement and comments on my character because this video is three+ years old and I was a new content creator to the whole YouTube thing. Ever since then, I have grown and have gotten better with my content in the three+ years since I’ve made this video. So before anyone decides to comment down below with derogatory, disrespectful words and statements about my character, look inside yourself and think, “Would I want to be called those things?” Because understand you’re talking to a human being that bleeds the same blood you do, and is not a computer.*

I want to point out as well, that any further comments about the thumbnails will be deleted, because I’ve stated more then once that I’ve photoshopped myself in the thumbnails for the entire LIMBO playlist and are meant as a story. Please check those out before making any assumptions and getting ahead of yourselves, thanks. 😀 Take a look see if you’d like: ))

We’re not exactly done yet with LIMBO. There’s something else I wanted to show that you all may find interesting! 😀

Enjoy this special episode to finish off the series!

In case some people can’t find the secret area this statement might help. From “Xbox Live Arcade had a 12-month exclusive over Limbo, so PS3 and PC gamers, essentially, had to wait in limbo for this critically acclaimed independent puzzle-platformer. But in that time, developer Playdead inserted an additional level that’s as hard to find as it is to complete. Your hard work will pay off in the end, as it concludes with a hidden gold trophy: Ding! – Running Off Will Get You Nowhere.”




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Music Used:

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