The House Of The Dead – Walkthrough (Arcade)

Game: The House Of The Dead
System: Arcade (Sega Model 2 Emulator)

Me (GSTAR321) doing a commentary/playthrough of ‘The House Of The Dead’ for the Arcade.

This is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest, ‘Rail Shooter’ games ever made.

Set in a horror-themed environment; You play as Agent Thomas Rogan, tasked with recuing your Fiancé Sophie Richards, from hordes of the undead; creations of the evil Dr. Curien!

This game was only ported to the PC and Sega Saturn console, making it very rare. It is absolutely deserving of a re-release of some sort on newer systems!

WARNING: This game contains A LOT of flashing, so be advised if you’re prone to seizures.


Gameplay starts at 10:31


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  • There also used to be a bowling alley in my city like 15 years ago. They used to have arcades and that stupid crane game where you could never catch the toy. I didn't spend much time on the arcades so this is the only game I remember being there. My 5 year old self was always too scared to play it but I also had a morbid curiosity so I used to just watch other people play it from a distance. I especially remember the intro and the first level.

  • The House of the Dead 4

  • i remember playing this with the kids i invited to my birthday parties at peter pipers pizza

  • I sucked at video games as a kid. I'd show up with a ton of quarters and never make it past 2nd boss… some bs… those laundromats made a lot of money from me

  • This really nostalgic

  • Are you Australian?


  • Fuck ! I used to play this when i was a KID…. A FUCKIN KID !!!!!!!!

  • You would have needed six rolls of quarters to play this game at the arcade

  • I remember seeing this arcade at the airport. Good times.

  • JubaJuba

    Author Reply

    only ogs remmeber this game

  • DanDan

    Author Reply

    The Crazy Dr looks like Liam Neeson lol

  • This needs to be remastered

  • What makes it so crazy about this arcade's release date is that it was released on the day Tupac Shakur was assassinated

  • Ive played an arcade of this multiple times. My best run was with my uncle with only about.. 2-3$ made it to the final boss but due to how the boss ir programmed.. you're probably gonna spend an extra 5 bucks on the last boss itself

  • I though Sophie died by Chariot Type 27 at 36:20

  • My favorite arcade game I'm good in Tekken metal slug and Pac man but this one is so addicted

  • Bro anyone plz tell me how can I play on phone

  • Yes I play Ed this game

  • Reload Reload…. Fuk man I used to play this when I was kid

  • This is childhood ❤️

  • I found this game at SPORTS WORLD. Fucking SPORTS WORLD!!! A zombie shooter, at sports woooooooooorld!!!!!

  • Memories

  • col23col23

    Author Reply

    27:35 “shoot out these spider webs from his arse” lol

  • Played this game in 2001-2006

  • "Blue Monkey" Sounds like the name of a New York bar

  • Holy fuck. Lol over 10 minutes to even press start. What in the name of the old ones?!? 😂

  • 7:47 – 7:50 lol

  • ra bAra bA

    Author Reply

    what is an AMS agent anyway?

  • I used to played this game in game those days 😍

  • Loved this game as a kid

  • I remember me and my cousin found two $20s on the ground and spent em all on this game

  • The greatest voice acting of all mankind

  • The nostalgia!!

  • It’s like that final boss has The World as the power from jojo

  • Thanks for playing this gstar321

  • how do you even play this? downloaded model 2 emulator and when i open it up, says it’s missing files and won’t run. i downloaded the rom but i cant get it to run

  • I used to play this so much with my cousin. Such memories😊

  • Longest intro I've ever seen