The WORST Post-Game in the Pokémon Games (Ft. KarlosPokemon)

Talking about some of the Post-Games in Pokémon that are the absolute WORST!
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  • Was a pleasure working with you bud, video came out great! 🙂

  • 2:00 Just… Get good?

  • I'm glad knowing I'm not the only one to name my Charizard, Igneel

  • The difficulty spike isn't too bad considering most of the trainers' pokemon were unevolved pokemon and your team is essentially stacked with evs, it was fun trying to beat everyone there.

  • I think there was a level gap so u could bring pokemon from older games

  • Sword and Shield had an underwhelming post-game to me. Aside from Leveled-up Pokemon in the Wild Area, Sword and Shield Guys' Story, and Legends, It felt lackluster to me. Maybe my opinion is just shit.

    Note: This is pre-DLC.

  • Okay nevermind only two things

  • I'll tell you stuff you can do number one you can rebattle gym leaders number two catch Mewtwo and number three battle the elite four over and over

  • Black and White post game wasn't even hard

  • I don’t have a problem with eastern Unova. I was super under leveled, but Zekrom just powers through everything

  • That's one thing I've been wondering. Y the heck did we not get a Pokemon Z game? It would have given the third member of a legendary trio some actual importance in their home region. Rayquaza got some shine in Emerald and Giratina played a major part in Platinum. What about Zygarde? Sun and Moon tried to remedy that but zygarde didn't play much of a role in Alola. Y z wasn't officially made, I don't know

  • In red and blue after you beat the game the only thing you can do is catch mewtwo.

  • Munching Orange

  • it should of been kalos it has nothing plus gen 1 was a beta to the franchise

  • Pokémon sword and shield

  • Lumoise sounded pissed about Black and White sucked Lmaoo

  • Red and blue should be last All you do is catch mewtwo

  • The only thing you can do in Red and Blue after you beat the Elite Four is going into the Cerulean Cave to catch Mewtwo.

  • Black and White 2 had an amazing post-game

  • Yessss oras is saved

  • It's kalos

  • USUM has the best post game because you can catch about every legendary and rainbow rocket is so nostalgic and actually provides a challenge

  • I Want Pokémon LeafGreen SoulSilver Emerald Platinum Black White2 X And Moon

  • I spent over 100 hours doing the elite four over and over again in yellow my playtime is 169:12 on my somehow still functional original cartridge. Yes, I was bored. But it was a good time back in the day.

  • I think let's go Pikachu and evee had the worst post game. Literally nothing to do. It was not so good in terms of the main game either. Playing in the kanto region for the third time with no big changes is really boring. We can't even catch other gen Pokemon . Overall these games had great graphics but Literally sucked in terms of story,gameplay, features and post-game.

  • I thought the list was backwards, and so when he said black and white I was in instant denial

  • I hate this guy