Top 5 Best Things in ORAS

Here are my top 5 favorite features in the new games. There were way more than 5 great things about these games, but here are the best!

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Intro and outro music by Rob-Ez!


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  • it feels as if ORAS is supposed to be THE polished gen 6 game
    XY felt like a prototype

  • Imo the best thing about oras is that you feel like you're actually in the game, not just a person playing it, the characters feel more human and not robotic as hell

  • Then theres me 5 years later with the only pokemon game i ever played is the original sapphire which was destroyed when i moved cuz the people we used to live with were assholes and wouldnt let us have anything we still had to get

  • Is anyone watching this in 2020

  • Ok the soaring in the sky made me not have a flyer in the Hoeen and what about the no mega stone for Rayquaza

  • That intro tho.

  • Yeah, ORAS is the best game, and it always will be. Best rival, best Pokémon, best storyline, best features, best music, best everything.

  • Replaying this game 5 years later. So fun

  • Replaying Oras at the moment. Currently ribbon and shiny hunting and remembered how much i loved this remake even after 5 years.

  • Secret islet

  • Where is MandJtv's base

  • His voice has changed soooooo much in almost 5 years.

    It's like he's grown younger.

  • Mandjtv the are code doesn’t work

  • Stop saying bad words

  • I'm rewatching this 5 years later and this hit me with the feels

  • The Poke'Radar was really annoying and the DexNav was really fun

  • Watching your newer videos now, your voice is much higher now- which seems weird. Which, to me, makes me think this is your natural speaking voice. Just an observation.

  • Hoenn will always be my favorite region ;A; yes to secret bases!
    also wow. its been that long? commenting in 2019 :O my 3DS is still working. ORAS is my first 3DS game and first thing i bought with my first job salary lol <3

  • Ah, yes. The old Michael whos voice is way lower!

  • You go…..TO SPACE in the delta episode

  • My oras team:
    1. Blaziken (Kakarot)
    2. Manetric (Zabs)
    3. Crobat (Robin)
    4. Gardivoir (Scarlet)
    5. Sharpedo (Terres)
    6. Cacturne (Jabby)

  • My ORAS team
    Blaziken starter
    Pikachu Libre
    Latios flyer
    Gyarados surfer
    Kirila male
    Sandslash digger

  • Michael you looked like you were about to cry when you were talking about the character relationships

  • U gay

  • Why you didn't made a videos of playing those games?

  • I obsess secret bases

  • Mandjtv where is your base though?

  • I liked the billion legendaries you could catch

  • I one Shot your Holl team

  • OMG yessssssssssssssss hoennshipping all the mother frickin way boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #Hoennforever

  • ORAS did have the best characters in the 6th generation. Just like in Sinnoh with Cynthia, Steven becomes a close friend and mentor to you, and actually helps you out. He's not just somebody that you have to beat in a later battle. And now I think because of ORAS, Steven and Cynthia are my favorite champions. The relationship between you and Wally I think also mimic's the one you have with Steven (with you being Wally's mentor). Wally's character overall is just more better than he ever was in the original Ruby and Sapphire. And this time around, both he and Brendan/May do become actual rivals and close friends to you, and not just two random people who follow you around the region constantly.
    Out of all the main series games so far, I love Platinum and ORAS the most (the generation 5 games are also in the top 3 for my favorite picks). And in the spin-off series, I think Explorers of Sky is my favorite.

  • Silence!!

  • Omega ruby rules

  • I have a secret pal who has 3 lv. 100 blisseys tat only know healing wish as her team, so I use I to level grind

  • nice shipping XD

  • Wally has a Gallade now thats the best

  • Watching this 3 years later

  • MandJTV or MJTV, MJ = Michael Jackson, so this is Michael Jackson TV

  • I feel like Deoxys deserved a mega

  • #Hoennshipping. Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMM (jk, love it)

  • I found your secret base on **** ***

  • IvyIvy

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  • May is not what a rival should be

  • And requires you to have dive

  • My secret base is on route 126