URBAN DECAY X GAME OF THRONES | Review + for Tutorial | Julia Adams

JUST REALIZED that the lip and cheek stain look like the Long Farewell kissing position that Ellaria Sand used to poison Myrcella and that Cersei poisoned Ellaria’s daughter. SO COOL URBAN DECAY!! oki bye thank you so much for watching!

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May 2nd – Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart stores

Highlight palette
-Use code “JULIA15” for 15% off of Velour lashes

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Music by Chillhop:
-globuldub: foreign exchange

-Mo Anando: In Bloom

Blue Yeti Microphone
Canon EOS M50 camera

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  • Wow that eye color combo is gorgeous

  • just rewatched this and decided to bought the collection lol

  • Eye look is beautiful

  • The teal strikes again and looks perfect

  • Have you tried the Benefit cheek tints. There is a peachy color 😉 as well as others. It would be nice to know how all cheek stains work.

  • Beautiful look !

  • Omg u killed your khal drogo look.

  • Goddd, I'm sorry- I just can't describe how amazing you are without makeup!! 🙂☺😉 gorgeous!! Your black beautiful hair, light eyes and white skin… do you understand? 🙂 Your colors are amazinggg without makeup- I'm sorry 😖😲😳☺ haha 🙂😉 but, if we talk about the makeup- the blush, oh, the blush- you put it amazingggg!!! 😍😍😍👍 gorgeous! And the final look of the lips- perfect. Thank you! 🙂💖

  • Ok. I've totally been binge watching your eyeshadow videos. I LOVE these looks you've been creating. Even the ones that are bold are still wearable & elegant instead of loud & obnoxious like many I've seen.

  • Just got this palette for my birthday and yours is the best tutorial to watch!! There are so many out there but I really loved this. The looks turned out so beautiful

  • New subscriber! Found you because of this palette and im loving your videos already! Just wanted to drop a message and let you know (incase you didnt yet) that Yes GoT is over… BUT… They are making a prequel!!! So exciting!

  • I really like how that green turned out with the Night King linger used as a base. I was a little disappointed with The Sight. It felt a bit thin, especially in comparison to Weirdwood Leaves and Winterfell. Dragonsmoke is by far my favorite liner. I was expecting it to be my least favorite. It's the perfect fancy not-black dark liner.

  • U so beautiful 😍

  • Ari LAri L

    Author Reply

    if I tried this look people would think I’d been in a fist fight

  • I just bought this palette and have been watching makeup tutorials to see how others have used it, and yours is my favorite. I love this eye shadow combination look that you created, so beautiful and dramatic!

  • I love the look you've created, and omg you have so beautiful eyes you just got a new subscriber ❤️

  • Looks pretty and all but why does she talks like that SO PREPPY

  • You are so beautiful 🤯😍

  • Can I make a suggestion? Don’t use that weird green and red transition thing (unless my phone is glitching). It’s aggravating to the eyes and literally makes me feel like my eyes and head are throbbing. I would imagine someone with an actual disorder would find this hard to watch. Otherwise I love your vibe and how calm you are lol

  • OMG arya is gonna kill you because you got green eyes

  • I love the palette & I absolutely love the show ❤️ but I think they could have done better with the highlighting palette. They could have done duo chrome shades. One white gold for drogon. A gold green for viserion. And a pinky one for rheagar. I hope I spelt her dragons names right lol. But I love the palette so much!

  • Finally!!! I'm so happy someone who is ACTUALLY a fan of the show and understands the details, did a review. I'm sick of reviewers saying "I'm such a fan" and then saying "why would they name it Nymeria, wheres that?" 😑

  • Finally someone who actually watches GOT!! Doing a tutorial
    Just found your channel and subscribed!!!

  • This is TOTALLY GOT. Are you a fan? Cause you nailed the look to represent like the Wall and the Crows.

  • OMG! your Khal Drogo makeup is FANTASTIC 🤩

  • So beautiful ♥️♥️♥️

  • You killed it! 😍

  • So excited to try this eye look out THANK, best one I've seen with this palette

  • Which tint did u use?????

  • I want the lip stain to be permanent! I can't ever find a good lip stain that's red with a good formula, good amount of product, and a decent price. All I find are pinky red and I don't like it, and the ones that are red don't have good formulas. PLEASE UD MAKE THIS PERMANENT!

  • Loved the eye look 😻🖤💕

  • Your eye makeup reminded me of the works of Olga Tomina(@tominamakeup) Looks so beautiful 🔥👾💚

  • This look is so stunning 😍 and I really loved the video ❤ subscribe

  • I mean no disrespect in asking, but have you had your lips done? They are so beautiful in fullness. If you've not, then you're so blessed with perfect lips 😛

  • At first I really didn't have any interest in this collection(apart from the lip and cheek stain) even as a lover of the show but after watching this you most definitely convinced me to get a few of these items! It really helps that we're the same skin tone/type so I'm super grateful to see you making these looks. Thank you!!

  • lol, bend the knee 11:30

  • Beautiful look!! I picked up the whole collection just got it today can’t wait to use it!😊❤️

  • Your eye makeup look is absolutely gorgeous, i love the colour combination! The lip/cheek is quite intriguing, i love that is is so sheer but the effect is beautiful. Great video😊

  • The eyes are beautiful!! Love it!